FEB 8th 2019

Still cracking on with the scene inside the iron works, steady progress. I'm hoping to finish this clip around the end of the month but it all depends on other work and how much life gets in the way. It's not ready to show everyone yet, but just because you've bothered to read my blog, here's the scene so far, just for the loyal few…. click here. It's building up to a situation that they get themselves in which is quite a predicament and should be a nice little sequence to go into the trailer later on.

I've designed a rough cover for the Upstart & Rummage book, it's not the final version but a start anyway. I've put a visual of it on the "about" page. I'll carry on with a final version plus a back cover, and then start on the inside. My partner Gilly is keen to write the story in rhyme so she's got that job and I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with. She's written many similar stories in rhyme so it's nothing new for her.
If you're interested, you can see some other books I've had published by going to my illustration website and clicking on the titles under "My Books".

I'm taking a half hour out each day to walk up the hill near my home, it's steep and it takes it out of my old bones but it's starting to get easier. It's part of my new years resolution to take a little more care of myself and so far I've been very good. There's a seat at the top overlooking the valley where I grew up and by the time I reach it, I'm well and truly ready for a sit down and I've come to enjoy the rest, overlooking my childhood playground, with many memories of each part of it. Sometimes I'm tempted to sit for longer than I should, lost in memories of tree-climbing, camping next to the railway track and shouting for coal for the fire from passing steam trains. Yep, I really am that old.

FEB 12th 2019

Here's a quick shot of the conveyor I'm working on in the iron works scene. Still lots of detail to add but coming along nicely.