JAN 19th 2019

Wow! 19th Jan already, so it's a belated happy new year to you all.
Well it's been busy so far, another scene for the film is well under way and I'm pleased with how it's all going. In this sequence Upstart & Rummage are in the old Ironworks by the canal and have recovered a very important item. Anyway, time is running out so this shot shows them running through the works. So just for you, here's a video of some nut case running around in his garden so Rummage's movements can be similarly animated. The things animators have to do....


This was an early test shot, I did another 36 before I was happy with the way Rummage moved.

Here's a frame of the completed shot (below). Rummage not that clear due to motion blur.

My son Ash has just designed me a new website for my commercial work and uploaded it today. Really pleased with it... thanks Ash. here's a link to it GLOBAL ANIMATION. If you like it and happen to need a website, he's your man. His website is HERE. He's also designed a website building program so you can sign up and build your own if you prefer.