AUG 19TH 2018

Today, I'm in a more reflective mood so I just want to share this. It's how I feel about why I do what I do. Being a freelance animator has it's ups and downs, but it's who I am and I'm happy with that. ..... This short film seems to sum it all up for me. "I've been upside down, I don't wanna be the right way round" (Ignore the ad at the start)

AUG 7th 2018

Just posted about the new clip on Linkedin and had quite a bit of interest, already had nearly 700 views of the post, quite a few hits on the website and some nice comments. I've put a couple in the "Comments by the public" link. Thanks to all who take the time to say hi, it really does give me a boost.

Well it's that time of year again to sort out all my paperwork and start doing my yearly accounts. Oh what fun. Something I dread, all I get out of it is an accountants bill and a tax demand. When I say "it's that time of year again".... actually I should have done this at the end of January. Oops.

AUG 2nd 2018

Coming to the end of another scene of animation.

Upstart emerges from his pod and looks around his new home for the first time. It's far from the clinical environment that he's used to, and his first few moments don't go too well.

The voices are just temporary for now, just until I find suitable voice-over actors.

I knew this was always going to be a tricky scene, there's quite a lot going on. I'm still struggling a bit with the music and sounds in general. I'll upload to the website soon....

Below are some test shots showing tweeking of the animations before final rendering. Each one is slightly different to the rest. It's normal to do anything up to 30 or so test renders to try and get the best result.



The sequence above showing Rummage for the first time in the film lasts just over 12 seconds. I rendered it out on just one computer (because I'm not in any particular hurry, and using more computers blowing out hot air would have killed me). For 12 seconds, it took the computer 7693 minutes to render it. That's over 5 days continuous. EON, my electric company loves this.