David commented on Facebook: You know when you see a really good film or TV programme and it leaves you with the feeling " when can I see more?" WELL ; this is how I feel right now!!! Superb animation and a building storyline.... And its made right here in South Leicestershire! MORE PLEASE. ( why isnt Graham being courted by the big film boys or the BBC/Channel 4)
Thanks so much David, very encouraging and makes it all worthwhile.

From Pete: Great clip, What a fantastic imagination you have Graham!👏 Cheers Pete!

I've had loads of really nice comments on Linkedin so far this month (Aug 2018)...
Anouska, who has been very supportive said: Fantastic!! Thanks Anouska, Nice to see you keep popping up!
Gaynor said: Fantastic Graham loved it, the graphics are crystal clear! Make sure when you have it all ready that you showcase it at Harborough Theatre, its so lovely to have a theme that is local to MH can't wait to see more!
Melanie said: Wow fantastic love seeing our lovely town in this .. can’t wait to see it all
Melanie 2 said: I received the DVD of the first part and it's fantastic - can't wait to see the completed animated film! and then again.... isn't this brilliant! Thanks Melanie, really appreciate that you're always there.
Jasmin said: Love this so much!
Peter said: Wow this is fantastic!
Polly said: This is really cool!
John (another brilliant supporter): Once again you will manage to enthrall your audience with absolute magic
Caroline said: This is absolutely fantastic. So lovely to see our home town in animation
Thank you all soooo much. It's you guys who keep me going. Thank you xxxx

Wendy, (an old friend) emailed:

Thanks for including me in your email, amazing.entertainging, time consuming but I love it!!!
Love from Wendy
Thanks for your support as always Wendy

Had this from Bill:
"Hi Graham, I've just commented on your post... I'm from the area and work just off Adam and Eve street and reading on the website and watching the trailer genuinely gave me goosebumps. What a fantastic story. I will support in sharing it with my network as much as possible. Please let me know if I can do or help with anything. Truly inspiring. Thank you."
His comment on Linkedin: Fantastic, Graham. Just read more about it and a watched the trailer of it and I loved it. Walking past the old grammar school has just changed forever. Thank you
Well I must say this made my day. It's great to know that Upstart & Rummage are entertaining people like this, after all, that's what it's all about. Thanks for your support Bill, so pleased you like it so far, that message will keep me going for a while!