After the piece in The Harborough Mail, Radio Leicester picked up on it and called to ask if I'd like to do an interview on the radio about it. Being the lifelong introvert that I am, this was a no-brainer. A very quick "no thanks" later and it was forgotten.

Some days later they got in touch again and said that if I agreed, they would send somebody over and he'd talk me through it... nothing to be worried about at all. Well the next thing I know, I'd said ok and Ady Dayman had a mic stuck in my gob. But what a lovely bloke. He put me at ease straight away (well as much as I could be at ease) and chatted away as if we were old mates. The interview started and thanks to him and his expert guidance, I got through it without too much trauma. (but I still can't listen to it!)

On the finished edit for the radio, I was amazed at how supportive Ady was for me, he made me look like some kind of superstar which I totally wasn't expecting. So cheers mate, you were brilliant.

Anyway, here's the full interview along with his build-ups and slight exaggerations!


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