SEPT 10TH 2018

A secret..... just between you and me. Go to the homepage and look at the top left hand window of the Grammar School. There's a couple of window bars floating in mid air just in front of it. Don't tell anybody!

SEPT 9TH 2018

September already.
Took out a little time to do some more on the film. Due to life's other pressures I've had to squeeze it in doing some very late nights. After several of these I topped it off with a 28-hour continuous shift. Silly me. At the end of it I went partially blind so I got myself to bed pretty sharpish and thankfully woke up ok. My health would be a lot better if I had a responsible brain I think. I'll be more careful in future.
The new sequence I completed shows the Grammar School Bell-Tower taking to the air. When I say "completed" that's not exactly the case, the story at the moment has a more dramatic lift-off where things don't go quite as planned. If the story remains so, then I will be cutting up and tweaking this sequence to add all the drama and stuff that goes wrong. The existing footage won't be a wasted effort though… just added to. I'd like to add the church to the scene as well, I think it just needs to be in there, but it will take a while to construct.
If you haven't seen the shot, it's HERE.

My post on Linkedin about the Trailer has now had over 4500 views which I'm very chuffed with. Thanks to everybody for their support and comments.


At the end of the month I'm off to St Ives for a few days. I need some quiet time to find a rock to sit on and stare at the sky. After that on the 29th I'm off to the Raindance film festival so maybe see some of you guys there.